Transmedia Storytelling incl. case study “Journey to Yourland”

Wednesday, 26 April, 11:15 -12:15 | Ständesaal, Landesmuseum – Württemberg

Viola Gabrielli, Head of Programme, Kids Kino Industry

Transmedia Storytelling has been a buzz term in the past with different ways of interpretation of the approaches and even platforms that are used. By looking at JOURNEY TO YOURLAND’s development process the round table will shed light on how the creators have worked with the story on diverse platforms and with diverse partnerships. Given this impulse and a first sneak preview into the new VR development of the project, we will further explore what it means to create a universe that is coherent and what new dimension to the story do we gain from VR.

The roundtable is open to all APD participants with accreditation.


Jan Hameeuw, Founder & Executive Producer, The Pack Studio, Belgium 

Jan Hameeuw is an executive VR and VFX producer based in Belgium, working on international projects.
He is co-founder of ThePack, a well known player in the Belgian post-production and immersive scene.
Throughout his career he always kept a close eye on innovation and is driving the company’s focus on emerging technologies.

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Talent Speed Pitch

Thursday, 27 April, 11:45 – 12:15 | Landesmuseum – Württemberg, Ständesaal

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A perfect opportunity to meet the participants of this year’s APD Talent Programme.

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Host: Karen Mitrega, APD Curator