Co-Production and Financing Market

The carefully pre-planned one-to-one meetings have been the heart of Animation Production Days for 16 years. In addition to concrete negotiations on the projects, they also involve detailed feedback from key decision-makers and experts so that the projects can be successfully developed further in line with the requirements of the market.

There are two categories of one-to-one meetings at APD.

Meetings in the Co-Production Market:

The Co-Production Market is designed as a meeting place for European and international animation producers. As a prelude to the Financing Market, the Co-Production Market allows exploration of both the co-production possibilities for the selected projects and, more generally, possibilities for cooperation at the production level.

The Meetings in the Financing Market:

At these meetings, the focus is entirely on the selected projects. Representatives from broadcasters, streamers, distributors and media funds as well as world sales agents and other industry experts give feedback on the potential of the projects and discuss financing and exploitation opportunities with the producers.

  • Using information provided in the project submission / registration documents, APD compiles an e-catalogue containing all the information on the selected projects and participating companies.
  • This catalogue is sent to all APD participants about two weeks before the event.
  • The Co-Production and Financing Market meetings are planned by the APD team. Participants choose who they would like to meet based on the e-catalogue. The APD team then schedules the desired meetings according to availability and the company / project profile. Priority is given to the producers with a selected project. These meetings are uploaded onto the APD Online Platform with a personalised meeting schedule for each participant.
  • A week before APD begins, all accredited participants receive access data to the Online Meeting Platform.
  • Further meetings can then be requested independently via the online platform (depending on availability).
  • Since APD 2023 is a hybrid event, there will be a mix of onsite and online meetings.