APD Conference

The APD conference is an important part of the Animation Production Days programme and offers focused debates and presentations on current challenges facing the industry.
The conference is divided into two thematic blocks:


1. Conference section: Enable! Case Studies and Market Trends
In the first block of the conference, two to three practice-oriented case studies will be presented to discuss technological innovations or new distribution and financing strategies for animation projects. The topics range from new potential business fields or cooperations in the games, VFX or VR sector to field reports on current, successful animation film projects that present innovative ideas in the context of content development, financing or cooperations.
2. Conference section: Content Briefing Session
In the second part of the conference, broadcasters, SVOD platforms and distributors will present their current programming needs and future programming strategies. Who is looking for which animation programmes on the international market? Which trends are emerging? What requirements must a project fulfil to be attractive for the various broadcasters, distributors and countries?