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APD General Programme

APD23_pic01: Around 900 one-to-one meetings between producers and potential financing and production partners took place during this year’s APD. © Animation Production Days 2023, Reiner Pfisterer
APD23_pic02: The APD conference took place on 26 April at the L-Bank in Stuttgart © Animation Production Days 2023, Reiner Pfisterer

APD 2023 Conference Programme

Pic_01: Speakers for the first part of the APD Conference / Speaker der APDs Konferenz Teil 1
Pic_02: Speakers for the second part of the APD Conference / Speaker der APDs Konferenz Teil 2

Examples of APD Projects 2023

pic_01_Signum: The French production company Yabunousagi comes up with the project "Signum", a science fiction adventure series for children aged 8 and up. © 2023 Yabunousagi
pic_02_Awakening: Pixcomm from South Africa presents Awakening, a film project about Nelson Mandela. © 2023 Pixcomm / Animationsfabrik
pic_03_RilleandJulia: The project "Rille and Julia" by Jonas Hjohlman from Sweden was selected as part of APD's cooperation with the young talent initiative "Animation Sans Frontières". © 2023 Jonas Hjohlman
pic_04_Mildew: The project "Mildew" is a comedy series developed for 5-7 year old children by the Irish company Daily Madness. © 2023 Daily Madness Limited
pic_05_Achoo : ahoifilm from Hamburg presents "Achoo, Hiccups & Co", a TV special for pre-school children. © 2023 ahoifilm/Dully&Dax
pic_06_RealVampires: The Danish company Those Eyes brings the games project "Real Vampires" for young adults to APD. © 2023 Those Eyes
Pic_07_ ArnasHeritage: Max Pollmann and Konstatin Schraps from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg are planning a dystopian climate fiction project with their project "Arna's Heritage". © 2023 Alex Kuhn, Niklas Wolff