Selected German TV Series Projects on the Road to Success

This year saw the first cooperation between Animation Production Day (APD), which took place in Stuttgart in early May as part of the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film and the FMX, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia, and Cartoon Forum (15-18 September 2015 in Toulouse). As part of this collaboration, representatives from German broadcasters KiKA, SWR, HR, ZDF, The Walt Disney Company GmbH, Super RTL and Your
Family Entertainment who were present at APD selected the three German series projects they were confident had the greatest potential for the international market.

“Kikeriki!” from Kikeriki Productions GmbH, Berlin
“Wonderland Comes to Alice” from WunderWerk GmbH, Munich/Hamburg
“Animanimals” from Studio FILM BILDER GmbH, Stuttgart

The producers now have the chance to pitch their project at Cartoon Forum and, in this way, push forward its financing. Following successful discussions at APD, they can continue negotiations at Cartoon Forum and convince further partners about their project. The goal of the cooperation between APD and Cartoon Forum is to speed up the often highly protracted search for the right partners and full funding and thus, ideally, facilitate more German-international coproductions. In addition, Zooper Film’s “Troll and the Oliver” was selected to be pitched at Cartoon Forum via the normal selection procedure. This project was also showcased at APD 2015 and was in very close running with the third-placed project.