52 outstanding Projects for APD 2021 selected

Almost 100 projects were submitted for APD 2021, more than ever before! From the record number of submissions, our jury has selected 52 outstanding projects from 22 countries for a presentation at this year’s APD. About 60% of the selected projects are TV series, 20% are feature films and another almost 20% are cross-media projects.

The wealth of styles, genres and topics was also extraordinarily among this year’s submissions. Topics such as diversity, sexuality, origin and identity play a major role. In terms of animation techniques, the range extends from stop motion and puppet animation through classic 2D animation and CGI to motion capture technology. Hybrid forms combining live action and animation are also featured. And among the genres, there are projects for every target group, from adventure and comedy to gothic thriller, cyberpunk heist and drama.

Eight of the projects come from newcomers who qualified for participation through an application to the APD Talent Programme. A total of 14 free accreditations will be awarded to outstanding young talents this year.

You can get a short overview of the selected projects on our website.