APD Talent Programme

With the Talent Programme, APD supports up-and-coming European animation producers and creatives who want to develop and realise their own project ideas.

The Programme’s goal is to connect newcomers with established experts and decision-makers in the animation industry. In pre-planned one-to-one meetings, the Talents receive valuable feedback on their projects and have the chance to convince potential coproduction and financing partners of their ideas.

Animation projects from the areas of feature film, TV series, short film, games, cross-media and transmedia projects with potential for the European and/or international market can all be submitted. Hybrid formats that mix live action with animation are also eligible.

A maximum of two people can apply to participate per project.

14 people in total are accepted onto the Talent Programme.

What does the Programme Offer?

– free accreditation for the entire APDs programme (including accreditation for ITFS and FMX)
– Presentation of the project in the APDs catalogue
– Talent Kick-off Meeting
– Participation in one-to-one meetings at the coproduction and financing market
– Participation in all APDs networking events (lunches and dinners)
– Participation in the APD conference
– A maximum of 3 nights hotel accommodation
– Reimbursement of travel costs up to 200 Euros

Who Can Apply?

– European graduates from universities and film schools with animation as their main field of study
– Young professionals
– Company founders (up to 35 years of age)

Submission for APD 2019 is now closed.