Financing Market

The Financing Market forms the heart of Animation Production Days. Here, producers meet potential financing partners for their newly developed projects.


  • 20-30 minute one-on-one meetings in separate meeting lounges.
  • Meetings are individually planned by the APD team, based on the participants’ preferences.

Who can participate?

Producers, representatives from broadcasters, world sales agents, distributors, publishing houses, funding bodies, investors

Benefits / Purpose of the event

  • Producers present their project in individually planned one-on-one meetings and receive detailed feedback on its creative concept and market potential.
  • Broadcasters, sales agents and investors discover fresh and innovative projects (many still in the concept or development stage) and meet both established and up-and-coming producers.
  • Potential partners negotiate financing and exploitation strategies and discuss the further development of their projects.
  • Funding bodies give advice on questions concerning coproduction and funding.
  • A great opportunity to establish new business contacts and intensively network.

How does it work?

  • Using the material provided in the project submission/registration forms, a catalogue is created containing all the information about the selected projects and participating companies.
  • The digital version of the catalogue is sent to all Financing Market participants around two weeks before the event.
  • Participants choose whom they would like to meet based on the information contained in the catalogue. The APD team plans the requested meetings according to availability as well as scheduling further meetings which suit the company’s profile/project (matchmaking).
  • Each participant receives their individual meeting schedule around a week before APD begins.