Co-Production and Financing Market

The carefully pre-planned one-to-one meetings have been the heart of Animation Production Days for 15 years. In addition to concrete negotiations on the projects, they also involve detailed feedback from key decision-makers and experts so that the projects can be successfully developed further in line with the requirements of the market.

There are two categories of one-to-one meetings at APD.

The Meetings of the Co-Production Market:

Producers of the selected projects meet studios, VFX and games producers who are looking for projects to participate in – either as co-producers or as service providers. The goal is to network European and international production partners whose know-how and profile fit the planned projects.

The Meetings of the Financing Market:

Producers* of the selected projects meet potential financing partners, i.e. broadcasters, streamers, distributors, funding institutions, banks and other investors.

  • Producers with selected projects take part in the meetings of the Co-Production and Financing Market.
  • Investors and financiers attend the meetings of the Financing Market.
  • Studios and producers without their own project participate in the meetings of the Co-Production Market.

The online version of the Co-Production and Financing Market works almost exactly like the on-site version.

  • From the project submission/registration documents, an e-catalogue is compiled with all the information on the selected projects and participating companies.
  • The catalogue will be sent to all participants about two weeks before the event starts.
  • Based on this, the participants choose which companies they would like to meet. Depending on availability and profile, the APD team schedules the requested meetings. These meetings are stored in the online meeting platform.
  • A week before the event all attendees receive their access data to the Online Meeting Platform, can view their personal schedule and plan additional meetings.
  • During the event, participants just click on the relevant meeting in the scheduler to start the video meeting. The meetings are each 20 minutes long. An e-mail messenger and a chat function complement the communication and allow for targeted preparation and follow-up of the meetings.