The 4 Winners of the CARTOON Wildcards

As part of the APD co-operation with CARTOON, European Association of Animation, once again this year three German producers will have the chance to pitch their series projects at the CARTOON Forum in Toulouse in September. The three prize winners are: „Lena’s Farm“ (Studio FILM BILDER), „Brothership – The Adventures of a Legendary Pirate“ (WunderWerk) and „Mabel Cleans Up“ (Viola Lippmann Illustration & Design). All German broadcasters participating in APD have been entitled to vote, namely ZDF, KiKA, MDR, SWR, HR, Disney Channel, Super RTL and Turner Germany. And, for the first time, a German feature film project received a wildcard invitation for CARTOON Movie with the project „Jason and the Nucleonauts“ by Spintop Entertainment securing its place. The project has been selected by the APD curators Karen Mitrega, Dominique Neudecker, Lilian Klages und Christophe Erbès.