Trickstar Business Award

‘Trickstar Business’ is the name of the animation industry’s business prize which will be awarded for the fourth time by the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS).

The Trickstar Business Award is worth €7,500 and recognises national or international innovative and groundbreaking business models for projects or companies in the animation industry. This makes Trickstar Business the world’s first animation prize to be explicitly focused on business. The prize is being sponsored by the Stuttgart Region.

The selection criteria for projects to the Trickstar Business Award is an innovative business concept, for example, in the area of financing, distribution, marketing or exploitation of rights. All projects submitted to APD are invited to apply for the Trickstar Business Award. Companies with an innovative business model can also apply for the award independently of participation in APD.

Submission for 2020 is closed.

The winner will be selected by a four-person industry jury inlcuding representatives of the Stuttgart Region and the L-Bank.

Jury assessment criteria:

  • competitiveness of the project / service / product
  • quality and feasibility of the business plan
  • innovation of the financing / evaluation / marketing concept
  • qualifications and experience of the submitter

Award Ceremony:

The prize were awarded at the award ceremony of the online edition of the ITFS ( in the free livestream on Sunday evening, 10 May.

The Winner:

In 2020, the Trickstar Business Award was split for the first time and went half each to a project and half to a company.

  • 2020, the Trickstar Business Award went to the project “Good enough: Burnout Diary” by the Dutch production studio Studio Pupil, who also took part in the APDs 2020 – Digital Edition.
  • In addition, the Canadian studio E.D. Films won the Trickstar Business Award, who were represented on the APD 2019.