Webinar: Creating Outstanding Stories
Monday, 3 May, 15:00 – 16:00 pm (CET), Online via Zoom


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HOST: Prof Lilian Klages


Reza Memari, CEO, Regisseur & Autor Telescope Animation Studios, Deutschland
Maite Woköck, CEO, Produzentin Telescope Animation Studios, Deutschland

THE LAST WHALE SINGER is an animated feature film project by Telescope Animation Studios that tells the epic story of a teenage humpback whale who must face his fears and summon a mystical song to save the oceans from destruction by a monstrous creature. The film is due to release in 2024 and was the first animated project funded by the German initiative “Outstanding Films for Children” that specializes in the financing of original children’s films and is backed by public broadcasters, regional and national film funders and representatives of the film business and politicians.

In the webinar Reza Memari (Director & Writer) and Maite Woköck (Producer) the CEOs of Telescope Animation Studios will share their insights and findings on the development and financing of this ambitious project, which in addition to the feature film also includes a TV series and a game. Reza is an award-winning animation writer and director with a background in games development, publishing and marketing. Maite has a strong track-record in developing, financing and producing commercially and critically acclaimed animated feature films and series.

With Telescope Animation Studios they want to create story universes for world-wide audiences and gamers and produce interconnected films, series, games and XR experiences utilizing the real-time technology Unreal Engine by Epic Games. They are committed to diversity & inclusivity in their projects, as well as in the workforce, green production workflows, humane working conditions and integrated remote work capabilities and will show which strategies they use to implement these principles in the development and production process of their project.