APDs Ecological Sustainability

The important topic of environmental sustainability is relevant to Animation Production Days on a number of levels.

    • The first level concerns in particular the points of arrival and departure as well as accommodation of the participants
    • The second level concerns the planning and implementation of the event of the APDs in the area of construction, technology, food and waste prevention.

Travel and accommodation

A business-to-business event that thrives on intensive personal exchange and the presence of participants on site has an impact on the environment. We would like to keep this impact as low as possible and plan and implement APD in an ecologically sustainable way and in particular reduce the CO2 consumption of APD as much as possible.

Necessary travel should be made as sustainable as possible. Stuttgart is easy to reach by train from most places in Germany, but also from many places in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. From these countries, trips are booked by train whenever possible. For intra-European flights, we will give preference to airlines that allow CO2 compensation. For participants from overseas, we will check whether online participation could be a good alternative.

There are very good public transport connections between the airport, train station, hotels and the venue. All participants can get a free ticket for public transport. If a shuttle for speakers and participants is necessary, electric cars will be used if possible. The venues of ITFS, FMX and APD, as well as the hotels where most of our participants will be accommodated, are within walking distance of each other, so that all routes can be covered on foot during the event.

The hotel we book for the speakers and invited investors has implemented an environmental and sustainability concept since 2010.

The event

The main venue of APD is the Stuttgart L-Bank, which is a member of the Climate Alliance Baden-Württemberg and has signed the Climate Protection Agreement. For APD, this means that the main venue is qualified according to EMAS. 100% green electricity is used.

Whenever possible, we contract local companies that comply with environmental standards and have short travel distances. This applies, for example, to stand construction, rental furniture and technical equipment. We use a reusable stand construction system for the set-up. Ecological cleaning agents are used for the intermediate and final cleaning of the venue and any waste produced is collected and disposed of separately so that as much as possible can be recycled.

For APD, we produce as little printed material as possible. The catalogue has been produced as an e-catalogue since 2020 and adapted accordingly. If printing is necessary, it is commissioned from a printing company that is certified according to environmental criteria and prints on environmental paper. We refrain from producing or enclosing sponsorship items as part of the event.

The catering during the coffee breaks, lunch and dinner is plastic-free. Only reusable tableware and reusable bottles will be used. Beverages and food will be purchased regionally and in organic quality whenever possible. For the joint lunches and dinners, there is always an attractive menu for vegetarians and vegans. We ask in advance who will be attending the planned meals, who would like to avoid meat and prefer vegetarian or vegan meals, and if there are any food allergies.